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Open rates can double if you include video as a part of your email marketing campaign, but in order for it to be effective the video should be built into to your email marketing platform.  As a result more and more providers are enabling users to embed video or link to video in their emails.

Although they’re quite a few service providers offering stand-alone services, most for a fee, since April, 2013, YouTube is now offering this service at no charge.

Here is a quick video outlining how you can now use YouTube as you video email service provider.  If you’re interested in learning how to send video emails without the expense of subscribing to a video email service provider, please review the video or following the thumbnails below.

To send your YouTube video email simply scroll down below the video you wish to email and find the tab menu that shows About, Share and Add to.
2013-06-26_1649Select Share
share 2And then Email.  A window will open below that will allow you to insert your recipients email addresses or their YouTube usernames.  After you’ve added their names you may wish to include a note perhaps telling them why you are sending them this video.  Below the additional note you will see that there is a Message Preview.  This window displays the text that will be contained in the body of your email.  The information listed here is the same information you placed in your description field when uploaded your video.
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2013-06-26_1701YouTube will send an email to the email address(es) you enter. If the recipient does not receive the video, ask them to check their spam folders.
video email

This infographic shows advantages, most effective uses for businesses to use video emails along with how to successfully embed videos into you email campaign.

Of Note:  YouTube of course, does place limitations on the number of email addresses you can add at one time and the number of total times you can send an email in a certain time frame.  If you can tolerate this hiccups, then this is an excellent option for creating and submitting video email.
YouYou’ve Got (Video Mail) infographic by Column Five Media.

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