5 Things About YouTube Marketing Every Coach and Trainer Should Know

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Here are 5 Useful YouTube Marketing Tips For Coaches and Trainers

In this post, I’ll explain 5 YouTube Marketing Tips you can use if you are a coach or trainer.


YouTube Marketing Tip #1 Video Blog: If you have a great camera presence, and great content, then video blogging can show that your passionate about your topic, help you find a wider audience, promote your brand, and market with social media. If you’re unfamiliar with this genre or how to start Social Media Examiner has an excellent post entitled 10 Steps to Successful Video Blogging that you should review.

YouTube Marketing Tip #2 Video Press Release: A video press release is a great way to make public announcements about your business in an engaging fashion. Use them to announce upcoming events or promotions, interviews or newsletter or book releases.

YouTube Marketing Tip #3 Video Tips: Share your knowledge and expertise in your niche with video tips. Enhance the benefits of your membership with these informative and helpful tips and find new clients and members at the same time.

YouTube Marketing Tip #4 Video Q&A: Is your inbox full of questions from prospective clients or members and you would love to answer all in a quick and easy way? Create an “Ask Me Video Q&A” page for your website, forum, Google Plus community, or Facebook Page. Marie Forleo is a master at this craft and a great example to follow.

YouTube Marketing Tip #5 Sales Page Video: Do you want to generate the biggest impact for your product, service or membership? Then create a Sales Page Video. It can range from 10-20 minutes in length, feature you front and center or not at all, or you can use a PowerPoint presentation. Its a great way to increase conversions and the video alone can market your product 24/7 leaving you free to do what you do best!

I hope these tips are helpful and you are on your way to creating videos that will take your coaching or training business to the next level. If you’d like help creating high-quality videos, or you need help on how you can incorporate video into your marketing plan, let’s schedule a time for a free consultation.

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