You Will Thank Us – 10 Video Marketing Tools You Need To Know

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10 Video Marketing Tools You Need To Know About


1.Simple Video Press






Simple Video Press is a WordPress plug-in that syncs with your YouTube account, automatically creating a blog post on your website using the YouTube title and description every time you add a video. If that seems like playing it a little too fast and loose, you can elect to have an email sent to you before the post goes live, allowing you to adjust the title or description to your link before it ends up on your site.

2. PowToon





PowToon offers cloud‑based software for creating animated presentations and animated videos. This company has seen very rapid growth since founded in 2012, and has received rave reviews from its clients. Perfect for small businesses, start-ups, educators, trainers, or marketing professionals; PowToon even offers a free service to get you started. It’s easy to use, and your experience is highly customizable and has a pretty broad range of options, definitely worth checking out!

3. Yoast






Yoast’s SEO Video module can help you optimize your videos, and your website! Making it more usable, easier to navigate, faster, and more reliable. Yoast offers WordPress plug-ins and expert articles on steps you can take to give your site the polished and professional look and feel that it deserves, and the plug-in supports many major video platforms such as: YouTube, Vimeo, Blip, DailyMotion, Wistia, and many more. As consultants to such successful companies as Facebook, eBay, and the Guardian, there’s is a service well worth investigating.

4. Video Skin





This “skin” offers a customizable look for your videos, and combines the best of email marketing, social networking and analytics to tart up the look of your advertisement and help you maximize your reach. This web based software is designed for use on Facebook, and works on Macs, PCs and mobile devices. Video Skin allows for logo and share-button embedding directly within the video, redirects to your site, adds a call to action button to appear at any point in the video – and so much more. And with the 30-day risk free trial, it’s not as if you have much to lose if you plan to integrate video marketing into your business.

5. Video Marketer Software






Video Marketer Software offers over 200 video sharing sites built in for you to use to get more traffic to your websites; over 90 podcast directories to help you get more attention to your content, and PDF submission, social bookmarking, and RSS submission to build links to your videos and podcasts. Built using Adobe Air, the service is available on Macs or PCs, and offers exclusive research tools that help you analyze and outperform the competition!

6. One Hour Video System Marketing







If you’ve got PowerPoint and you’ve got a microphone, One Hour Video says that they can teach you how to make a professional video for your website, blog or business. It simplifies video creation, automating the tedious parts and leaving you with smoother animation and high-quality audio, thanks to One Hour Video’s built-in editing software. With One Hour Video, you can create outreach that earns unique site visitors, easily turns blog posts or articles into informative multimedia content, and generates search traffic with keyword-targeted videos. Definitely worth a peek.

7. BombBomb






BombBomb’s email video marketing is a fresh and exciting take on reaching out to your audience, and adds a unique and professional touch to your campaign. Using this service, you can easily create, send, and track all the results of both traditional and video emails. Send rich video emails, simple video messages, or even traditional text and image emails, and utilize built-in analytics metrics track exactly who is opening your emails, clicking your links, watching your videos, and much more. Best of all? This service works on any device! BombBomb will take any video, produced on any recording device, and create an output that is readable on any platform. Incredible? Yeah, kind of.

8. Sparkol VideoScribe




VideoScribe offers an easy-to-use interface that gives you the tools to explain, market and explore your product or service without the need for a design or technical professional. Create materials for use on your website, YouTube or promotional DVD without the high cost of traditional video production. VideoScribe can bring marketing to life quickly, affordably, and professionally.

9. Common Craft Videos






Common Craft’s goal is simply to help make the world a more explainable place. Common Craft Style Cut-Outs offer illustrations of a variety of subjects, Ready-made Videos are dynamic and relatable illustrated videos on a vast array of topics, all designed to teach, train, impress and become a customized facet of your site or service. This is an invaluable tool for educators, human resource personnel, and trainers.


10. Ezvid






Ezvid is a free video maker, screen recorder and slide show maker for Windows. Using this screen capturing program, you can instantly record your screen, desktop, browser–you can record virtually anything on your computer. It can also be used to make slide shows and photo videos from JPG, PNG, GIF, and other still images. This is great for showing colleagues how to execute operations in a software program, complete sample tasks, or demonstrate a product or service, intimately, and broadcast that example!


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