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Have you truly capitalized on today’s opportunities for small business promotion?

If you have been in business for a while, you may have lived through the first three ages of promoting a small business. If you are just starting out, you will probably encounter each, and likely still make some degree of use of them. Let’s look at each briefly, and then examine how the situation has evolved to the present day.

The print age

This used to more or less be it, should you want to promote your business. It was all about ads in the local press, posters, leaflets and brochures around town, billboards by the highway, and many sales letters to potential customers. Some businesses added motion to their promotion, but only by hiring a guy to walk up and down main street handing out what had been printed.

The radio age

Like the talkies came to the cinema, local radio thrived across the country. The chance was there, and still is, to use ads or promote shows. Not-so-occasionally, business owners would appear as themselves in their ads, often shouting loudly.

The television age

Pictures were added to sound, but the advertising process remained much the same. Local ads would make offers and encourage visits. Owners would still appear – often still quite loudly – and many of these ads would not look the greatest compared to the multi-million pound national campaigns they were placed amongst on screen.

The digital age

Today, much of what we do is about the effective use of digital and social media. In many ways, it’s the greatest time of them all – in terms of the level of opportunities made available to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Add to this the ease with which these new opportunities can be professionally seized – with the right help. Sadly, many DIY attempts are out there, and these can harm any business rather than promote it.

Using solid, professional help can see businesses like yours, probably on a fairly limited promotions budget, take to the stage on YouTube (and elsewhere) and shine. Through skilled video editing techniques, powerful messages can be presented directly to key audiences, and you can talk to customers in the moment, leading them to take action, or pass these valuable video messages to others.

If you want to make the most of today’s amazing opportunities, just call us on 347-987-1299 or email edie@virtuallyinsync.com and we’ll get right back to you.

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