Four Tips For Video Sharing On Social Media

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One way to boost video marketing efforts is through social video sharing.

social video sharing tipsGet a few people interested in your Facebook link, and a few days later, your video could experience hundreds of views. By following some tips for video sharing on social media, you can increase the chance your video sees exposure.

1. Share videos at the right time

According to Buddy Media, Facebook posts get more engagement on Thursdays and Fridays. On any weekday, views often increase mid-morning and ramp up over the course of the day, maxing out during lunch times and just after 5:00pm. Twitter stats are harder to pin down, but most agree that posting later in the day results in more engagement. When posting to any network, keep track of which posts garner the most attention to see if you can identify a trend for your audience. As these stats change it’s always best to refer to your Facebook Insights for the best times when your audience is on Facebook and use social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer for platforms like Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

2. Keep it short

Let your video do most of the talking, but don’t forget to include a short text intro or lead in that encourages or entices the user into clicking. Twitter posts should be under 100 characters to leave room for the video link and hashtags. Facebook and other social media networks offer longer statuses, but a shorter message is usually better. For quick, creative and short videos, try using mobile apps like Vine and Instagram Video for mass distribution.

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3. Try new networks

Social media sites such as Vine, Instagram,and Pinterest have gained enormous audience over the last two years, so don’t be afraid to branch out from Facebook and Twitter. For niche subjects, such as gaming or comics, consider networking and sharing on sites like Reddit.

4. Don’t give up

Perhaps the biggest mistake individuals and businesses make on the video marketing journey is giving up too soon. Any online marketing campaign takes time, and going viral overnight is a rare occurrence. By providing consistent, quality content through social media feeds, you inspire people to like and follow, as well as share, your video content. Building an audience of hundreds or thousands on a social media page takes months of commitment, but can result in large increases in video viewings and conversions.

Anyone can succeed at video marketing, especially through social media channels. So remember these tips when you think about video sharing. Take time to create quality videos that offer relevant, interesting content. Then do the same with each social media post you create, and your audience will come.

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