Why We Love Video News Releases (And You Should, Too!)

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What are Video News Releases and why use them?


Press Releases have long been the standard that PR representatives use to disseminate information about a business or organization throughout the media. In recent years, they have become an indispensable tool for both established businesses and start-ups to optimize their websites in search results of top search engines like Google and Bing. The most recent spin on this storied PR tool is the Video News Release, also known as Video Press Release, which is fast becoming the preferred tool for the next generation of search engine optimization professionals. For the purposes of this post, we will refer to these releases as Video News Release (VNR).

What is a Video News Release?

A Video News Release (VNR) is a recorded video version of the same information that a print release wants to get across, but altered to be more visually stimulating. While a normal press release would be structured in an inverted triangle to get the attention of print journalists that can quickly adapt the release to a story of their own, the VNR is structured more like a nightly news bulletin or a cable news talking point. When used in conjunction with a traditional press release it can serve as share-bait to quickly move the story through news media and the blogosphere. It quickly connects to visual and audibly inclined viewers who normally would not read either press releases or print journalism.

Why make a Video News Release (VNR)?

A VNR is engaging to the senses and appeals to a wider audience. It gets across the exact same information that an organization seeks to disseminate with their press release but better than doubles the reach of the press release. Studies have shown that viewers are twice as likely to take action on a news item if it is presented as an online news video than if they are presented with a story. Attaching a VNR to a traditional press release therefore doubles the chance of conversion and can multiply the effectiveness of any PR Campaign. It is no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to make VNRs a cornerstone of their marketing.

How to make a VNR?

Making a Video News Release is more than simply reading a news release to a camera. One of largest barriers to those seeking to integrate VNRs with their marketing is the cost of production, and the investment can be sizable compared to simply generating a press release. However, investing in top talent to make a slick and professional presentation of the news item can make all the difference in the world.  According to ReelSEO, a recent case study showed  VNR campaigns have boosted traffic to the promoted websites by as much as 85%, which translates to profitable traffic and valuable business that can justify the investment. Engaging production professionals to make an attention-grabbing video that gets the same message across can pay big dividends.

What not to put in the VNR?

Your Video News Release (VNR) should not be like a television commercial or infomercial, and it shouldn’t seem like a corporate video either. The purpose of the Video News Release is to engage an audience that the traditional press release has minimized. The emphasis should be on entertainment value rather than facts and figures. It needs to promote the brand without seeming to be shilling for it. Anything that doesn’t engage the audience to laugh, cry, or feel something while watching the video needs to be excluded. It needs to get across the same message using the visual and auditory advantages that the medium has at its disposal. The video should be short, perhaps 1-2 minutes, so brevity is important.

How to distribute your VNR?

A Video News Release (VNR) can be distributed much like a traditional press release through a service like PRWeb or PRLog. Each has their own instructions for uploading them, but in general your VNR can be hosted on a video sharing services like YouTube or Vimeo. All the distributor will need is the embed code to link your press release with the VNR.

Have you used a Video New Release to announce a new product or service for your business?  If so, what have the results been like for you.  I’d love to hear whether you think it was better or the same and the traditional press release.

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