Video Marketing Statistics Are Essential For Your Success

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Must-read video marketing statistics

According to a 2013 study by ReelSEO, 93% of marketers used video in online campaigns. If you aren’t using video marketing, then you’re falling behind the vast majority of your competition. Here are some other video marketing statistics you should know.

Videos are memorable

Users encounter hundreds of bits of data online daily, making it difficult for brands to make a memorable appearance. Statistics indicate around 80% of users remember the advertisements they view in video. Make an impression on your audience with video marketing.

Use video marketing for B2B or retail sales

Videos increase customers understanding of your product or service by 74%, states DigitalSherpa. Half of all users report watching YouTube videos related to business at least once a week, and around 12% of users purchase products featured in online videos. When videos are included on retail sites, users are up to 64% more likely to make a purchase. Video marketing is flexible, scalable and adaptable to business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or retail sales environments.

Video marketing works

During ReelSEO’s survey, 82% of respondents said video marketing brought a positive impact to the organization. Strong video campaigns can increase brand awareness, spark user engagement and increase sales.

Videos drive traffic and conversion

Including videos in marketing campaigns is a proven method for driving online traffic. According to DigitalSherpa, when real estate agents include videos in listings, they receive over 400% more inquiries on property. Email marketing drives two to three times the amount of traffic when a video is included, and the addition of a video to your website increases the chance the URL will appear on the first page of search results.

Users like videos

Video marketing works because users enjoy engaging in a variety of ways. While only 20% of users are likely to read content on a page through to the end, 80% will watch a video. If you aren’t including videos in your online marketing, users may not be getting the entire message about your brand or product.

While videos are popular with users, remember that audience time is valuable. Keep videos short unless you’ve provided a strong value proposition in exchange for the user’s time. When videos are longer than a few minutes, put the most important information in the first 60 seconds.

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