14 Steps Using Video To Get Booked As A Speaker

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Are you using video to get booked for speaking engagements?

You’re a dynamic and effective public speaker. You’ve developed a strong presentation, and you’re enthusiastic to share your message with others. But how best to spread your message?

Showcasing your dexterity as a public speaker is probably the best way to get booked for future engagements. Of course, the most important way to do this is to impress attendees at your public speaking events. Coming in at a close second, however, is promoting and advertising the highlights and advantages of booking you as a public speaker. Making a promotional video is a great way to reach your future audience.

Just in case you haven’t invested in it already, a professional website is an invaluable resource. Using free content management and web hosting sites such as WordPress, Wix, Blogger or Webs are great, affordable ways to get professional results that will help you stand out from your peers. A site should contain contact information, a well-developed pitch, marketing materials and – after you’ve followed the steps listed in this article – a promotional video that proves your effectiveness as a speaker.

Begin with a plan:

1. Start out with a script or format that takes your audience into account. Pick a primary objective or key takeaway, and focus on answering this question through your video.
2. Check out other speakers’ promotional videos. To directly compete with your peers, you need to understand how they are marketing. Mimic what you think works, and avoid what you think doesn’t.

Once you decide what you want to say and how you’d like to say it, it’s time to choose the look of your presentation:

3. Choose your equipment. While you can hire a professional and invest in great equipment and lighting, you could also opt to utilize tools you may already have. Many camera phones today can offer great quality footage; similarly, point-and-shoot cameras that you may already own can produce great results. Lighting can make a big difference in production quality, even if your recording device isn’t top-end. Whatever tools you decide to use, investigate forums and examples of this medium for hints and tips from others who have used this device with success before.
4. No matter what equipment you use, experiment. Set up your camera of choice and record a few samples. Determine how this equipment is going to work for you, and plan your stills, clips and presentation around this environment.

Next, chose your content:

5. Some suggestions for content to include in your video range from information on your experience, the topics you’ve covered, links or direction to any promotional material available (such as your website!) and testimonials from previous clients.
6. Provide examples. Within the first minute of your video, you should have a reel of your public speaking. This reel can be one or more clips, or a full minute of continuous presentation – either way, your audience wants to see you in action!
7. Do you have an anecdote or strong point of presentation? Include this in your video! You are your own best tool of the trade, after all!
8. Provide a point of reference. It might serve you well to include either a client testimony in your video, or a reel of you interacting one-on-one with your audience after a presentation. If you use this technique, consider that the enthusiasm of both you and your clients will send a message to spectators of your video. Capture the audience in your presentations, laughing, clapping, listening carefully–your audience is your best testimonial. 9. Use their reactions to demonstrate that you’re an effective speaker!
9. Actors. You may even recruit actors to help deliver your content if you’re stuck–this is a sure-fire way to collect content that you need for your promotional video but do not have recorded yet.

In case you haven’t started collecting audio clips to impose over a PowerPoint or video to create this video, your next step is to generate this content! A great way to generate this is to hold a free, promotional speaking event at a venue of your choice. Doing this will provide you with an eager audience and a beautiful setting that will help you look your best!

Now that you’ve collected all the material you need for your video, it’s time to cut it together. There is no shortage of great tools, many of them free, to use to edit your movie. iMovie for the Mac, Lightworks and Windows Movie Maker for your PC – whatever software you decide to use, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can dub over video with audio or music of your choosing, use transitions and effects, and clip and clean up video as you see fit.

You’re almost there. Now all that remains is to share your work with critics.

10. Garner opinions. Ask friends, family and business associates to provide you with feedback. Take everything your critics have to say into consideration. Remember, it’s easier to make corrections before you share this video with your audience then it is to undo the harm done by making a bad first impression.

Now, Promote!

11. Create a YouTube or Vimeo  channel for your video. Upload the highest quality of the video available, and opt for HDR if applicable. The higher-quality the video, the greater the likelihood that your content will make a lasting mark on your audience.
12. Add your video to your promotional website.
13. Include links to this video in your marketing materials.
14. Don’t be afraid to share! Create a press release to accompany your video and promote this on social media platforms and free news distribution sites (such as PR Web and Newswire).

 I would love to hear from you regarding your experiences using video to get booked for speaking engagements.  What kind of videos worked best? Multiple examples, one really good clip? Do you use video on  your website as well to show prospects examples of your presentations?  Is that working for you?  Please share your comments below.

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