Using Mobile Video Helps Engage Consumers

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Mobile Video Phone Users
Did you that that mobile video is viewed by consumers throughout the entire day every single week?
Do you spend an hour or more a week watching video on your mobile phone?
How do you share viewed mobile video? Are you a Facebook or Twitter junkie?

Mobile video, over the years, has definitely become a popular point in our social lives.

It seems as though every time we turn around, there is a new video on YouTube that everyone is talking about and that we must see. Since the growth and development of camera and smart phones, mobile video viewing and sending has undeniably increased. According to a study done by On Device Research, mobile video has been a way for people to connect socially with others.

When it comes to the frequency and location of video viewing, “66% of phone video users, use mobile video for an hour plus each week”. This number coincidentally to falls 2% below the #2 activity is social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Of all of the video genres available for viewing, these users preferred, in order, music videos, movie trailers, and tutorial/how-to videos. Most of the time we think to watch a video on a mobile device it tends to be when there is a gap in time that needs to be filled until the next activity begins or just because we are in the mood or its enjoyable.

 Mobile video most often is view while home.

Mobile Video Home Viewers

A good chunk of this video viewing happens in our home when we are either in our bedrooms or in the common spaces. We also do it when are in the presence of at least one other individual. More often than not, when a video is seen on a mobile device it is most likely going to be shared. This happens not only because it is convenient, but because we want to share the excitement or knowledge that we just witnessed.


Mobile Video Shared

Where are mobile videos shared?

Numbers show that after a mobile video is viewed, its share destination will most highly be Facebook. It being shared in that location is probably to maximize the number of people that see it. Since so many people use and interact with mobile video, it is the perfect place to push a product.


Advertising in videos shown on mobile phones.Mobile Video Ads

When you attach advertisements to the genres of videos that are most highly viewed, it can potentially rocket launch your product into this whole new world and uncharted territory for your business. The same thing happens when ads are placed on videos or genres that are more relevant to your business. This along with the appropriate timing of the advertisement should lead to your success especially in the year 2013.





Over all, it is important to look at the strides and advancements that mobile video and its users have created as well as all of the potential opportunities it can create for you!

Until next time,

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