Two Ways To Boost Video SEO Power

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TWO WAYS TO BOOSTVideo marketing is a great way to capture audience interest, especially since approximately one-third of activity online involves watching videos. Though YouTube is one of the top search engines, videos without corresponding text don’t achieve optimal SEO. Quickly boost video SEO with metadata and video transcription.

Meta data provides direction for search engines

Adding metadata, such as titles and descriptions, to your videos increases the chance that users find your content via sites such as Google or Bing. Incorporate competitive and relevant keywords into descriptions; search engines can’t crawl the audio or visual content of your video, so you need to provide them with some pointers. Use Google AdWords to research keywords related to the content of your video. For best results, many experts recommend selecting keywords with minimal competition but at least 100 monthly searches. When possible, write Meta descriptions that include compelling language, active verbs and keywords.

Video transcription provides organic keywords and content

It’s likely your video is already chock full of organic content that would be valuable for search engine optimization. Capitalize on that value by publishing video transcripts on your pages. Two options exist for generating transcripts: YouTube already provides a digital transcript of videos; and automated speech-to-text services can be used to generate quick text copies of your audio on other sites. The benefits of computerized transcription include almost non-existent turnaround times and costs. Unfortunately, automated transcripts usually feature many mistakes, since computers often fail to translate dialect, accent or context correctly. Even so, a computerized transcript is likely to be chock full of valuable keywords. Video marketers that want better quality transcripts can use online services that crowdsource transcription and offer turnaround times as short as 24 hours.

Taking the time to enhance video SEO increases traffic to your site or network, and transcripts alone can positively impact your bottom line. A Liveclicker study considered revenue for pages before and after transcripts were added. According to the study, pages that featured transcripts drove approximately 16 percent more revenue on average. Consider adding SEO-relevant content to your video pages, including transcriptions, Meta titles, Meta descriptions and captions.

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