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It’s Time – Create A Video For Your Business Now!

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10 Steps to Create a Video like a Pro Are you ready to produce your first video for your business? Not sure exactly where to begin? This post will break … Read More

How to send video emails using_)YouTube

You’ve Got YouTube Video EMail

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Open rates can double if you include video as a part of your email marketing campaign, but in order for it to be effective the video should be built into … Read More

5 Ways You Can Use Videos To Help Your Small Business

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TRANSCRIPT Today’s Video VA tip is for small businesses and how you can use videos to promote themselves, their products or services….stay tuned Hi this is Edie from Virtually In … Read More


Social Media + Video = Social Video

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What is Social Video? Since it’s launch in 2005, YouTube has allowed anyone with access to a video camera and a PC to upload their videos to the world wide … Read More

Do You Use Video Testimonials?

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Why use Video Testimonials? As the information age continues to proliferate, so does the far reaching impact on marketing and commerce. While the benefits conferred upon both business and consumers … Read More


6 Types of Videos That Work Best for Online Video Marketing Campaigns

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Are You Using Online Video Effectively to Market Your Business? The average Internet user watches approximately 203 videos a month, according to a study done by comScore. This includes everything … Read More

Why Explainer Videos, What Impact Can They Really Have?

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When you first purchase a new gadget, a manual of directions is usually provided for your benefit. But honestly, nowadays, who reads directions? Wouldn’t you rather a friend explain the basics to … Read More

Are You Committing a Crime With Your Book Video Trailer?

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Are you committing a crime every time you create a book video trailer? Recently I read a discussion thread concerning copyright infringement and book video trailers. The discussion centered on … Read More

video optimization

Why its Important to Optimize your Videos [InfoGraphic]

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Why is it important to know how to optimize your videos through Google and YouTube?  Well according to Forester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.  If I can … Read More

amazon buys goodreads.com

VirtuallyInSync reviews Goodreads.com:Video Book Trailers like goodreads.com

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I’ve recently conducted extensive research looking at websites for my Author clients for ways to promote the video book trailers I am producing for them. One company I found is … Read More