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Real Estate Video Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

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5 ways using video can help you promote your real estate business It has never been easier to use online videos as a marketing tool to promote your real estate … Read More


Landing Page Videos Help Convert Prospects Into Customers

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Is your landing page getting conversions? Adding video to your landing page could be the boost your website needs. Creating landing pages with a photo or contact form isn’t much … Read More


Micro Videos = Big Marketing

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How Micro Videos can have a Big Impact on Your Marketing. Vine, Instagram and Tout have quickly made their way onto the social media marketing scene. During this emergence of … Read More

How to send video emails using_)YouTube

You’ve Got YouTube Video EMail

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Open rates can double if you include video as a part of your email marketing campaign, but in order for it to be effective the video should be built into … Read More

How to use and make the most of YouTube Annotations

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This week’s Video VA Tip is on how you can use and make the most of YouTube Annotations. This useful tool found within your video manager allows you to drive … Read More

How to prevent copyright issues with your book video trailers

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Are You Committing a Crime With Your Book Video Trailer?  A few months back on a discussion thread I read concerning copyright infringement and book trailers. The discussion centered on … Read More


Podcast:Video Virtual Assistant Edie Clarke is interviewed by Dina Eisenberg

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The Importance of Videos as Part of Your Marketing Plan

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According to a survey, the number of online video customers will increase by 2015. As video usage is growing, business entrepreneurs should not neglect video marketing as it is one … Read More

Will a Video Book Trailer Make My Book a Bestseller?

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The answer to this question for many may be, no, but I think they’re looking at the question in the wrong way.  One should never produce a video book trailer … Read More