Social Media & Video Statistics for 2014

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1. By 2014, 90% Of All Web Traffic Will Be Video-Based (Cisco)
2. 188.5 Million Americans Watched 46.7 Billion Online Content Videos In August 2013. (ComScore)
3. Online Video Users Are Expected To Double To 1.5 Billion In 2016. (Cisco)
4. 52 Percent of Consumers Say That Watching Product Videos Makes Them More Confident In Online Purchase Decisions. (Invodo)
5. 55% Of Marketers Who Use Video In Their Email Campaigns Reported Increased Click-Through Rates. (eMarketer, 2013)
6. Globally, Online Video Traffic Will Be 55 Percent Of All Consumer Internet Traffic In 2016. (Cisco)
7. Real-time video sharing will increase in 2014 with micro video apps like Vine and Instagram video (
8. 76 Percent Of Marketers Plan To Add Video To Their Sites, Making It A Higher Priority Than Facebook, Twitter And Blog Integration. (Social Media Examiner)
9. Videos On Landing Pages Increased Conversions By 86% (WebDAM)
10. More Than 1 Billion Unique Users Visit YouTube Each Month, Spending More Than 4 Billion Hours
12. 43% Of All Marketers Found A Customer On LinkedIn In 2013 (WebDAM)
13. 52% Of All Marketers Found A Customer On Facebook In 2013 (WebDAM)
14. Average number of tweets sent per day: 500 million (Craig Smith)

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    According to YouTube’s head of global partnerships, 90% of web traffic will be video by next year.

  4. VirtuallyInSync says:

    By 2014, 90% of all web traffic will be #video based (Cisco)

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    Find out the statistics on video #marketing and how important it is to integrate video into your #seo campaign. Cisco estimates that by 2016 online videos will double to 2.16 billion users. With these stats in mind maybe it’s time to see how you can use this fantastic tool in your #searchengineoptimization campaign.

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