How To Share a Private YouTube Video

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As a Video Virtual Assistant Edie Clarke helps Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Real Estate Agents improve their online marketing presence through social media and video marketing services.

133 Responses to How To Share a Private YouTube Video

  1. Virtually INSync says:

    NEW VIDEO: How to Share a Private YouTube Video

    • JHFnachos says:

      Thanks! Glad I found this nice, new easy walkthrough. Was simple to follow for people like me who know nothing about technology.

    • Virtually INSync says:

      Thanks +JHFanonymous I'm glad you found it helpful. Stay tuned for more videos.

  2. says:

    How To Share a Private YouTube Video

  3. scamper robinson says:

    That little “+ Add names…” field wasn’t showing up for me at all. The reason? AdBlock! Disabling AdBlock in my browser allowed the field to appear. Just FYI.

    • Virtually INSync says:

      Good to know!  Thanks for sharing that bit.

  4. amy haas says:

    Great video, How do I tell if the video is linked to my google+ account?

  5. Virtually INSync says:

    +amy haas My apologies for my delayed response as I have been away.  If your YouTube channel is connected to your G+ business page, you will see it when you view your profile.  It will be beneath your cover art and will be identified as YouTube as long as you have activated this in your SETTINGS.  Look under PROFILE to make sure the YouTube box has been selected.

  6. Vafa Foroughi says:

    Ver informative. Sorry about the multiple questions. Can you think of a way to automate this process so that if you have 50 short clips and 50 email you can send the first clip to the first email and so on (it does not need to be thru youtube)? Also, how was your intro graphics made (it very professional) ? And finally, how do you pan and zoom on the computer screen for your video tutorial? Thanks

  7. MattBurosh says:

    Dumb, hopefully simple, question: Once you share the video with someone, you can delete them off the list so they can’t see it anymore, right?I’ve been experimenting with how private videos work, and every time I try to delete the one person I shared with and save the changes, idiot-youtube tells me that I can’t save the changes, and I need to review my video details.I also tried switching it to public, saving it, refreshing, and then going back to private, but the one person who I previously shared with pops right up in the “share with” box, and when I try to delete them and save the changes (as being shared with no one), youtube won’t do it.I think the even more infuriating thing is that Google/Youtube, in all their billions, don’t seem to care enough to have a live help chat feature, and instead leaves it up to good people like you to educate us about THEIR products.Ok, rant over. Help! 😛

    • Oz Roz says:

      +Stefan Lucke same boat too!  I thought it was because the email handles weren't google accounts, but now I read your comments and think this is just hexed.  Gotta send a vid to my clients and it just keeps telling me "couldn't share video, please try saving again." and im like "I did save again, over 100 times!!!! surely some one has the real answer for this dilemma! 

  8. Stefan Lucke says:

    Same thing with me. Trying to share a private video to people, and every time I get the error response "Couldn't share video. Please try saving again." – this is going on for days.
    Weird: It doesn't seem to make a difference if the used people have a Google account or not, or G+ activate or not. 
    Weird: Sometimes a setting will stick, despite the error. Or one out of many people will stick.

  9. Newton Institute says:

    +Stefan Lucke
    Same exact problem for me!! Can anyone help please? Most frustrating thing ever.

  10. Virtually INSync says:

    Hi Vafa, No problem with the multiple questions, I'm happy to help.  No there is no way to automate the emails within YouTube, not sure if they will change that later on but at this time it's not possible. My intro graphic was created using AfterEffects and the pan and zoom effect was done in Camtasia the screen recording software.  Thanks and Good Luck.  

  11. DCUPtoejuice says:

    great post, but it doesn’t actually work most of the time the videos just come up “private” when the people I share them with try to view them from the Google+ page.

  12. Missy Nicole says:

    Ugh.. you should’ve mentioned that you can only share it with people who have a google account.

  13. says:

    Thanks for your clear, articulate illustration. You made it so easy! 🙂

  14. Curious Media says:

    Thanks for your clear, comprehensive instructions. Wish You-Tube was as good at communicating its software & processes.

  15. Giridharan Te says:

    My Interview in Doorshan 2008 , I want to share with YOU TUBE Subscribers . How to do that?

  16. 1944MJCM says:

    Very clear help thanks.

  17. otosbutt says:

    This was helpful, thank you!

  18. Virtually INSync says:

    All public videos that you post to your YouTube channel are automatically shared with your subscribers.

  19. Fall Detox 2014 says:

    I’ve added people who I want to share my video with but while they receive an email with a button, when they click it tells them it is private and they are not allowed to view it. How can I correct this?

  20. Virtually INSync says:

    This has never happened to me and i just did a test and it did not occur.  I will try to do some more research and respond shortly.  

  21. Virtually INSync says:

    Please forgive my delayed response.  Life got a bit too crazy.  I don't think YouTube has a way for you to unshare a private video.  If you are not concerned with tracking analytics you may want to delete the video all together and re-upload.  The video will have a new ID and anyone with the older link will no longer be able to see the video.  As far as actually sending a video by email, I know that YouTube limits the number of email addresses you can send at one time.  I've just recently retested making a video private and sharing it with a number of email addresses and everything worked, at least today it did.:-)  When all else fails, reboot, delete, re-upload and try again.  Hope you figure it out.

  22. MattBurosh says:

    +Virtually INSync Thanks for your response, and no worries on the timing. I seriously can't believe that such a rich and innovative company clearly sucks at certain things, including having a live help line for issues pertaining to the things they excel at. Same goes with facebook. It's like these sites don't want to be bothered by those who have made them rich in the first place!

  23. Christine Cone McAllister says:

    great job thanks

  24. Emily McBride says:

    is it possible to embed a private video into a word doc? then save it as a PDF. Will the video still play?

  25. Virtually INSync says:

    I've never tried that, but I don't think it would work seeing as YouTube/Google is only authorizing specific emails to view it, however I do think if you made the video unlisted that would work.  And when you say embed do you mean actually embedding the video or adding the link.  An unlisted video link should work in the capacity you speak of.

  26. Emily McBride says:

    I tested this yesterday and you are right. Private video do not work, but unlisted will when using the link. Thank you.

  27. Virtually INSync says:

    Excellent! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  28. Dc S says:

    do you have to type in emails of people you want to see a private video on each and every different video you want them to see ? wouldnt it be easier if every video you set as private can only be seen with a bunch of people you say can view any of your private videos ????

  29. Lisa Martin says:

    Okay so this is my first time uploading on youtube. I have set my videos to private (except one I wanted to share on my fb page). I have gone through the steps of trying to share my private ones with people via individual email addresses, I type them in (including my own) but receive no email notification. Then one person who did receive the email couldn’t view it when clicking on the link as it said it was private and even when she signed into her account couldn’t view it. What am I doing wrong???

    • Virtually INSync says:

      +Lisa Martin you can only share private videos with individuals that have Google+ accounts. To learn more about YouTube sign up here for this FREE checklist @youtubechecklist

  30. VirtuallyInSync says:

    How To Share a Private YouTube Video – YouTube

  31. JRMRRR says:
  32. Hussein Mhajnah says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  33. Frank Galica says:

    Can the person receiving a private video be able to forward it to another e-mail address??

  34. William Droog says:

    Is it also to share and visible with e-mailadresses which are not gmail.In my case, when I share not anyone recieves an e-mail with a link.When I share the adresses disappear.

  35. Virtually INSync says:

    Well they can forward your email, however, the recipient will not be able to play the video.  It will read this video is private or something to that effect. Thanks for viewing and asking your question.

  36. William Droog says:

    So that is it. I think this makes it less private because youtube(Google) forces you to use your mail account or browser from google.I think I am going to use other means to share my private videos.Thank you for your fast response.

  37. SMBlanco says:

    Thanks so much for this video. Very well done, I was able to find an answer to my question. Keep on going!

  38. Support Ritsol says:

    + thanks, but what i’m looking for when uploading private videos is that it send email notification only to individual emails but not to ( “my organization name”) , as i have created a google site and added all other employees , However, they don’t get email notification if i add google site name of my organization.

  39. Michael Mcgee says:

    Help you tube has block the sharing thing Why?

  40. Anita Argent says:

    Very clear and easy to follow. Thank you

  41. Dan Lewis says:

    I’ve shared a private +YouTube video with a +Google+ circle. When I add users to the circle, they are unable to see it. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?I’ve tried the following: * add user to the circle with which the video was shared: doesn’t work * after adding the user to the circle, I removed that circle from the video’s privacy settings, saved it, and added it back: didn’t work * share the video with that person directly (as well as the original circle): that workedI’m really hoping I can update the privacy settings by sharing with a circle, and update the privacy settings by adding users to that circle. Any suggestions?

  42. JS Warpaint says:

    Thanks its like a big mystery finding out how to share a private youtube video

  43. Monica Lucas Moss says:

    Thank you for this helpful, easy to follow tutorial.It is unfortunate that the only way to share private videos is with other google + users.

  44. zmaaaaaj says:

    +Virtually INSync
    Ok, but how to make a certain video visible to your subscribers ONLY and no one else? I don't seem to find this option in making a video private :/

  45. Meaghan K says:

    Hi there! Thanks for this! I understand most of what you’re explaining, but I’m still confused about one things. In order to share a private video, the people you’re sharing it with have to also have a YouTube account? Is that enough? Or do they also have to have a Google+ account? So confused!

  46. Virtually INSync says:

    Hi Meaghan K.  Yes and Yes. You can't have a YouTube account without a Google+ account.  You also need to make sure if they have multiple accounts, that they are using the account you shared your video with. Meaning if they have two Google accounts each with a YouTube account attached and you shared your video with adc123@gmail, but they are logged into def456@gmail they will not be able to access your video.  If hope that clears up your confusion.

  47. Virtually INSync says:

    Thanks +Anita Argent subscribe for my newsletter at and download this helpful YouTube checklist. 

  48. Virtually INSync says:

    +Michael Mcgee make sure you are sharing from the edit window and not from the watch view.  Since your video is private, you are the only one who can view it from the watch page and you will not be able to share it from there.  Simple go to your video manager, select edit and you will be able to email it to whomever you need as long as they have a Google + account.  To learn more about YouTube sign up here for this FREE checklist

  49. AriochStarr says:

    I’ve got a video I’ve put in Private. What I want to know is if I copy the link to the video (for example, this video’s link to someone will they be able to view it even if they’re not a friend or in a “circle”?I apologise, I’m new to this kind of stuff, and I just want to get it right.

  50. Nashoba says:

    I am new to YouTube and uploaded now two videos. I have set the viewing to private. Then I added email addresses. I have one person with a gmail acct. whom received a message stating…”yes it goes to the YouTube link but it’s set to private so I can’t watch it”. The other person has a yahoo acct….I t takes me to a google account and does not let me open it”. So I am stumped as to how to include them so they can watch this and other videos.

  51. Nashoba says:

    Additional questions: Do these people in my prior posting need to have a YouTube acct and/or Google+ acct.?

    • Virtually INSync says:

      Hi Nashoba, they need to have both.

  52. Bob Sax says:

    nice but you don’t even get to how to do it until 1:33 !Lots of help vids do this but to me it’s really unacceptable .

  53. Virtually INSync says:

    Bob, I will add time coded links next time.  I felt it necessary to explain before I showed how to do it. I trust you found help either way, but thanks for the comment, I will keep your suggestion in mind for my future videos.

  54. Nashoba says:

    Thank you for your quick response. My purpose of using YouTube is to share my videos with friends of my puppies. It is my understanding that using YouTube is a way of “sharing”. But if my friends have to create a YouTube acct. and a Google+ acct. I doubt I will have very many people that I know viewing my videos. Not everyone will know how to nor want to setup these types of accts. Do you know of any other media that I can use to show my videos to non-techie friends? I know I can make the videos public but there a few that I want private. I do not want to walk around with my camcorder saying… look at this video on my camcorder screen of my puppies and then again I have friends too far away to do that. -:)

  55. Virtually INSync says:

    No problem Nashoba, I love what I do! Sounds like you need  Your viewers won't need to have an account and you can control the privacy of your videos from anyone seeing them to only those with a password you created for it. The limitations are that you can only upload a maximum of 500mb each week without paying for a plan, which may not be an issue for you. Just for a frame of reference a 2-3 minute full HD video takes up about 200mb. So that would be 2 videos each week.  If this is not important to you then vimeo is your answer.  Good Luck and if you know of anyone interested in learning about videos and video marketing for their business please send them to this link.  All the best, Edie

  56. Virtually INSync says:

    Sorry I missed your response.  You can only share private videos with YouTube and Google account holders.

  57. Jessica Tamayo says:

    Do you know if I share a private video with those on my domain, if everyone in the domain would receive a notification email telling them they have a private video to view?I’m going to be putting videos up on my department’s website and I was going to make the videos private, allowing only those in my domain to watch them. My only fear is that the several thousand people in my domain will receive 8 emails for the videos I’m giving them access to. I don’t want that. I’d appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks!

  58. Constance Waring says:

    Thanks for this, Virtually.By the way, you’re a brave woman sharing your email in public! Something I would avoid like the plague!

    • Virtually INSync says:

      Par for the course if you do business online.

  59. UK Callum says:

    I came here because I thought I’d done it wrong. However, it turns out I’d done it precisely as shown in this video…but it hasn’t worked. The people with whom I’ve shared my video cannot access it of even see a link to it. Grrr.

  60. Virtually INSync says:

    Do they have a Google and YouTube account?  If not, then that is the reason.  If they do, are you sending it to the same account that they are using to view the video?  Those are the only two reasons why I would think the video is not viewable on their end.

  61. UK Callum says:

    +Virtually INSync Hi. Thanks for responding.
    Yes, they're all in my circles. Bizarrely, one of them has received it but he seems to be the only one. No worries, though – as it happens, I think I'm gonna have to take it down anyway due to copyright issues. Thanks anyway. 

  62. ursus0549 says:

    Question: I wish to share a private video with a friend BUT my account has received one strike and is not in “good standing” right now – hence I do not have ANY option when I open “Info & Settings” – I guess this is normal at this time ??

  63. Ssingh says:

    Thanks for the help. I have another question. How doI setup circles for my

  64. Matt Donaldson says:

    I like your video and you have a great voice, well explained. In sharing a video do others have to have a You tube account?

  65. Eka satria ss says:


  66. Virtually INSync says:

    Yes, so therefore you will not have access to this capability

  67. eliyahu rahimi says:

    this is great thank you



  69. DakNJaxter says:


  70. Krista Barley says:

    When trying to share a video after I’ve already uploaded it, I followed your instructions (which were very clear!). Once I add an email address, the “Save Changes” button changes to the “Share” button and to the left in small font, it says that all of my changes have not been saved.

  71. Israel Redden says:

    How are the users trying to access the video. I have a similar problem. I tried to find the video by going to YouTube, and looking for the video in the person's videos section. It seems ultimately that the only way to get to the video is by going to the Google+ of the person who shared the video, and clicking on the post that contains an embedded link.

    Is this what is meant in the video by the private video will not show up on your public YouTube page?

  72. LionsPride Studios says:

    I must say that this is a well done video and in simple, plain English no less. Kudos for the clear explanations of the different processes. As support, I did indeed download your checklist ;). Keep up the good work.

  73. Oscar Adrian Aguilar says:

    Thank You.

  74. Virtually INSync says:

    Thanks LionsPride Studios. I'm glad you found my video useful. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

  75. Virtually INSync says:

    I'll do a test to see if I get that. I've never seen or heard that happen before. I'll comment again if I can recreate. Otherwise if you've figured it out could you please post that here? Thanks

  76. Virtually INSync says:

    Are you logged into YouTube/Google+ with the email address that you sent the private video to?

  77. paulrhead1 says:

    Thank you. I found this video really helpful.

  78. Franco Pozo says:

    the slow explaining of this video is driving me nutsss

  79. Virtually INSync says:

    Thanks for viewing my video Franco,I do appreciate you taking the time to comment.  I like to make sure my audience understands everything I am doing, so my apologies if you found it too slow.  All the best!

  80. Larry Schwimmer says:

    Great video. I posted my private video. My problem is that some of the people who receive my video…”click” the link and they see a prompt that says: this video is private. Why would that be? I’ve put their gmail address in the “share” area. Any ideas why they receive the link but cannot open it? Thanks, Larry

  81. Carsten Peters says:

    Thank you, Edie. Well done. You helped me a lot with this professional tutorial.

  82. Virtually INSync says:

    Your quite welcome Carsten! Glad you liked it and thanks for your support.

  83. Mark Henry Cooney says:

    Excellent video. Articulate and to the point! Thanks for uploading; it was a great help!

  84. Oscar Miller says:

    when i got to my video manager when i select private the share with circles or whatever dosen’t come up can someone please help me

  85. Ady Almanza says:

    Well explained! thank you so much!

  86. Virtually INSync says:

    +Larry Schwimmer Not sure why that is happening if your are sharing the video with gmail addresses that the viewers are using to access the video with. I can do some testing and respond at a later date. I am also in the process of scheduling a one time FREE Q&A and may provide your answer there. You just need to be a current subscriber to receive the recording if you miss the live session. I will be announcing on Google +

  87. Ⓖⓛⓔⓐⓜ Nᴉƃɥʇs says:

    I wanted to share a surprise video to only my friend with my whole self in the video and talking about how she is SO amazing! I also want to do some domino stuff too!I really wanted to upload videos to only my friend but not for it so everyone can see it. If everyone did see it, i’d be dead. My school are so strict, it’s unreal.I would get bullied if it went viral. But luckily, if this video is saying only to share to one youtuber then that’s okay.So, is this only to one youtuber?Thanks for advance,GN

  88. Sereda Dailey says:

    Great video, thanks!

  89. Mindy L. says:

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’ve done exactly what you said and those that I’ve added are, in fact, getting the notification email, however when they click on it and it takes them to the video it says, “Sorry about that, this video is private”. (The person was logged in to YouTube, sooo…..What am I doing wrong?


    I created a video with a friend that I wanted to share for him to see it, thank you because your video helped me thoroughly.TKK

  91. Virtually INSync says:

    Thanks +AllAboutTKK I'm happy your found it helpful. I appreciate the comment.

  92. Virtually INSync says:

    +Gleam Nights if you are concerned about the content of a video getting out, my advice would be not to upload it. However, the way private videos work, they cannot be seen by anyone you did not specifically send it to.

  93. Virtually INSync says:

    +Mindy L.If you shared your video with and using that email John Doe logs into Google and uses the YouTube channel that is linked to that email then the video should play.

  94. Ⓖⓛⓔⓐⓜ Nᴉƃɥʇs says:

    +Virtually INSync I wanted this to send a happy birthday video to my best friend called Casper and I found it out just on time actually! Thank you anyways!

  95. The Writers' Union of Canada says:

    Thank you very much, Edie. Such a clear and simple demonstration.

  96. Jacob Mayerry says:

    thank you. very helpful. very clear and simple.

  97. vencesproductions says:

    Hello, I hope I can get an answerwhy my account it doesn’t show the Box to add the usenames like the one you show in your tutotrial, I don’t have that, I can only see the Privacy setting and the add to playlistwhy?how can I get the username box to invite my people for private videos?thanks in advance

  98. Nick Massey says:

    huh, I am not getting a share option at all, I have just uploaded my first private video and I dont get a share option, I have the private box and then below it an add to playlist. 🙁

  99. SugaDaisy says:

    Thank you

  100. Rhonda Haman says:

    Your instructions are SO thorough, clear and easy to follow. What a treat!!! Thank you 🙂

  101. sheltiemania1 says:

    Thank you! That was very helpful!

  102. Rimmi Johnson says:

    Clear and simple. Thank you

  103. Kozzey Le G.O.A.T says:

    Is there a way to do it on android?

  104. rivieracar1992 says:

    What if it’s a video that had been removed by youtube because of copyright BS? Can I re-upload it privately and send it to friends or subscribers without inquiring a strike?Thanks.

  105. 天行過客 says:

    Thanks, but how come once I used the private share, I can not even view it myself? It said the video is private, but I am the owner…