Real Estate Video Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

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5 ways using video can help you promote your real estate business

It has never been easier to use online videos as a marketing tool to promote your real estate business. It does not take a large upfront investment to make a video these days, and the great part is that there are not nearly enough people taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Effectively using video can make your company and its listings stand out from the competition.

Here are five ways that you can use video marketing to make your real estate business a success.

Make your services the selling point

You may already have a very comprehensive web page detailing the services that you offer, but video gives you a much easier way to grab attention. The Corcoran Group does this masterfully with their YouTube channel. In three minutes or less a video can highlight your services and prime your audience to do further business with you.

Share your knowledge

Many of your potential clients may be reluctant to move forward simply because they do not know much about real estate. A series of informational videos are the perfect medium in which to educate your clients and familiarize them with your body of knowledge. You will find that if you share informational content that is informative and entertaining your audience will trust your expertise when it comes time to make a sale. This is also a great opportunity for you to show off your personality and let your potential clients get to know you by sharing your knowledge and your sense of humor as Jessica Riffle Edwards does in her informative yet understated videos.

Show off your properties

Why promote your properties with a boring slide show of pictures when you can do a video walk through? This virtual tour gives your potential buyers a guided tour of the property while you verbally highlight the best qualities of the home. These videos will maximize the exposure of your listings and allow you to expand your marketing to streaming video sites. Again, The Corcoran Group does a beautiful job of this on their channel.

Market to potential sellers

Sometimes it can be challenging to get a listing in the first place. Video marketing is an excellent way to connect with potential sellers and inform them of what you can do for them to help them close the sale. Real Estate Sales Associate Lorraine Hurlbut talks to sellers about how to stage their homes for the sell. Not only is she informing potential sellers, she is also showcasing her knowledge and expertise.

Make a sale without even being there

Speaking of sales, well-made videos can go a long way to automating your sales process. By front-loading the video with your selling points you can devote more of your face to face time with the buyer to closing the sale. It can be just like making a sale without even being there for the pitch. In this example, Sotheby’s International Realty exquisitely shows off the nuances of a neighborhood that is home to a number of their listings.

With these five ways to use real estate video marketing to drum up business, you will wish that you started doing it years ago.

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