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How Micro Videos can have a Big Impact on Your Marketing.

Vine, Instagram and Tout have quickly made their way onto the social media marketing scene. During this emergence of video based social media, they are not the only ones, today there is a rise of micro video apps that it may become somewhat confusing. Although real-time video sharing seems to be the wave of the future, you will need to choose your platforms carefully as some may not be adaptable for business use.

In this post I will discuss three that have emerged as strong competitors in this new and ever-changing landscape. Vine allows users to upload six second long videos, and Instagram and Tout allow up to 15 seconds in length. Before you shy away from the idea of promoting such a short video clip, consider the benefits. With an estimated total of 130 million users on Instagram, 90 million on Tout and 13 million on Vine, you can be sure that these Web destinations are popular, and will continue to grow. Tout does separate itself from the rest by enabling users to record from a mobile device or computer webcam and then embed to a website or blog. Virtually all businesses can benefit from creating and sharing short video clips to these social media platforms. Here are a few ways to help you get started.

Show Off Products Features
You can successfully market your product with a six and 15 second video. One way to accomplish this is to show off product features, or capture a short product demo. Consumers nowadays prefer more showing and less telling. Forget your sales pitch and instead jump right into showcasing your products benefits. Popular clothing retailer Urban Outfitters proved that it could be done with clothing by showing off the versatility of their latest jackets.

Educate Your Customers

Create helpful tips for your customers. Use these apps to film quick how to’s as Lowe’s does so effectively with their home improvement tip Vine videos.

Get Your Customers Involved
Consumers love to see customer-created footage. Video reviews and tutorials are immensely popular among consumers. You can get your customers involved by tweeting or posting video prompts to Facebook. For example, you may say “How do you use your (product)? Show us in a short video!” or “Show us your favorite way to use (product).” You can take it up a notch and create a contest for the best short video contributed by customers.

Short Promos
Vine, Instagram and Tout videos are also great for spreading the word about an upcoming event or product release. Create a sweet and intriguing promo video and share it on your other social media accounts. Got a big sale coming up, an open house or launching a new store? Make a video about it, and invite your customers to visit your website for more information.

Behind the Scenes
Take your customers behind the scenes of your business. Show off your fun workplace, or the inner workings of your most successful products. You can even feature your employees, and how they contribute to your awesome product. This type of video will need to be personalized to your niche and audience. Behind the scenes videos are so successful because they show consumers that your business is run by real people who are passionate about what they do. This is a great way to make an emotional connection with your customers and develop brand loyalty as well.

Vine, Instagram and Tout videos can be a powerful tool when added into a well-rounded social media marketing plan. Before getting started, you should plan out the direction of your videos, and the message that you want to get across. Don’t forget to share your videos on other social media outlets, and motivate your customers to share your videos with a call to action. Keep a close eye on your page views and analytics to track your success with Vine, Instagram and Tout.

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