Landing Page Videos Help Convert Prospects Into Customers

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Is your landing page getting conversions?

Adding video to your landing page could be the boost your website needs. Creating landing pages with a photo or contact form isn’t much different than a video-focused page. You market using the same techniques that make traditional landing pages indispensable as described in “Why Landing Pages Are an Indispensable Part of Marketing” by Pamela Vaughan.

Headlines are key components of video landing pages

Since landing page videos typically have less text than original landing page designs, the headline becomes the most important part of the page. As a marketer, you must use a headline that

✓ Draws in potential clients to your page
✓ Has a hook that makes them want to see what the video shares
✓ Relates to your product or service.

Landing page videos must contain substance to work

When marketing a product or service, there’s only one type of substance that counts – benefits to the customer. Before you start recording your video, get an idea of the benefits your product or service offers. Your video should demonstrate or discuss these benefits in detail for three reasons:

1. People believe what they see
2. People trust what they see people saying
3. People are accustomed to paying attention to video because of media.

Your product or service descriptions reach internet browsers

Not everyone is going to watch your landing page’s video. For varying reasons, browsers stop a video if it’s on auto play, scan the page and decide on the strength of your copy to take action or move on. Adding an easy-to-scan synopsis to your landing page reaches the prospects that would convert without a video.

The synopsis can be the same copy that Vaughan describes as one of 6 key components of a landing page. It can even be the same copy said on the video. This marketing technique reaches more prospects by giving them the option of how they receive your message.

Landing page videos need more than one call-to-action

On video landing pages, your message reaches prospects in writing, visually and audibly. Your call-to-action must reach potential customers the same ways. Saying what you want clients to do, showing them on video and in writing makes it easy for prospects to become customers.

“Easy” is the secret behind this marketing tool. It’s why using a landing page video helps convert more prospects into customers.

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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