Introducing YouTube Cards Feature, an Evolution of Annotations

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Learn how to use the new YouTube CARDS feature!

I’ve never been a huge fan of YouTube’s Annotations. Mainly because they were so distracting. Don’t get me wrong I did use them, but in a more subtle manner. I would only use them at the end of my videos or during to spotlight an image or web address, but I never got into the habit of plastering notes throughout because I knew how much it aggravated me when I saw them. So I was ecstatic when I read the news last week that YouTube released a new tool called cards which they called an evolution of annotations. What’s really great about the cards feature is that they are available across all platforms.
Check out this video to learn how to you can use this new tool on your videos.

Here are the step by step instructions on how you can access them.

1. Go to the Video Manager page and choose a video to edit and select CARDS from the drop down menu.

cards location

Cards location in the video manager


1a. Or go directly to the video edit page and select cards for the top row menu.


cards location3

Cards location in the video editor


cards location2

Location of cards icon in the video player

1b. Or from the video playing page, select the (i) icon in the row directly beneath the video.

2. Click the blue Add card button.

Click on the blue add card button to add a new card



3. Select the type of card you’d like to add and click on the Create button next to it.


There are 4 types of cards you can use with this feature



4. Enter a URL for the site in the dialog box you’d like to point your viewers to then click the Create card button.


Use this window to add your link and edit your text, both your call to action and your teaser




5. Use the slider along the bottom of the screen, so you can adjust the start time of the card teaser. 


The slider is located beneath the video in the cards editor


In the upper-right corner of your video a teaser will flash with the title of your card next to the static “i” button for a few seconds.


6. You can add up to five cards to a video. You can edit or delete a card you added by clicking on the pencil icon next to a card in the Cards tab.

5 cards

You can only use up to 5 cards in each video


 The final version will look like this.


If you’d like to learn more about using YouTube or if you have any questions, please comment below. Get started with YouTube Cards today by using this step by step guide. Download Guide!


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