How To Use Videos To Market Authors And Their Books

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5 Tips for Using Videos to Promote Authors and Their Books

In this week’s video post I outline 5 tips that can help authors promote themselves and their books using videos.

  1. Create 2 Video Trailers for your book.  One version promotes your book; the other version markets what others who have read it think about your book.
  2. Create an Authors Video about yourself and the books that you’ve written in order to market yourself and all the books you’ve written.
  3. Create screencasts about themes you cover in your book using Camtasia and Jing. This helps by showcasing your expertise and visually explaining a topic.
  4. Create Video Blogs for your website using your webcam. This helps by enabling your customers to see and hear you which confirms your position as an expert in your field.
  5. Create these video ideas either by Doing-it-yourself if you have the time and know-how, or by hiring a professional like me.

If you would love to learn more ways authors can use video to promote their books, feel free to contact me for a free 20-minute consultation at


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