How to use and make the most of YouTube Annotations

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This tutorial shows you how you can use and make the most of YouTube Annotations and then briefly introduces you to a training program that has helped me improve my video services to my clients.

Reel Marketing Insider is your COMPLETE Video Marketing and Online Marketing Training Portal, showing you everything from how to make better videos to how to market your business with online video! It has TONS of easy to follow tutorials from how to film, light and edit your videos on a budget, to how to build an audience and sell more of your products using video.

To learn more. simply click the link below this video, or visit

Affiliate Disclosure: I love bringing you content free of charge. In order to do this, sometimes when you click links and purchase items, I will receive a referral commission. You WILL NOT pay more through my links. This is just a way to educate and inform my viewers about the products-services I have tried and enjoy.

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As a Video Virtual Assistant Edie Clarke helps Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Real Estate Agents improve their online marketing presence through social media and video marketing services.

2 Responses to How to use and make the most of YouTube Annotations

  1. Dina Lynch Eisenberg says:

    Excellent tutorial, Edie. I hadn't heard of the redirect plugin.  Great share!

  2. Virtually INSync says:

    Thanks Dina, I'm glad your found my post helpful.