Effectively Adding Background Music During Video Editing

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Video editing is the most important part of your video production, because it is here that you really get to convey your message.

The background music can add another dimension to your video and various forms of music convey different emotions. However, the final decision to include music in your production should depend on whether it will complement or detract from the content.. The same footage can bring a completely different message to the viewer when accompanied by alternative types of music. Therefore, when editing, you will want to test different types of music tracks to discover which one best underscores your message. For instance, you would not want to use electronic hip-hop music in a mathematics tutorial, nor would you want to use classical music in a video about your city’s most popular dance clubs.

Several basic tips to consider in determining what type of background music is appropriate for your particular video are:

  1. Try to visualize the typical person who you would want to view your video. For example, their age, style of living and musical preferences.
  2. The message you are conveying should determine the choice of music and not vice versa. In essence, choose the music after the story line of the video has been completed. If you pick the music first, it will influence the edit of your content.
  3.  Background music should always add something to the video.
  4.  If the music is too loud the track will distract from your voice and your message will be lost.

Whether you are producing a video for your social network, blog, tutorial, news article or video marketing campaign, your one of a kind video will increase its success. However, to get it right it’s best to enlist the help of a professional video editor. For more information, contact us at The Video VA  or edie@virtuallyinsync.com


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