Do You Need A Video Virtual Assistant?

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speakers need video virtual assistantAre you a Life or Business Coach who needs to create a dynamic sales page for his upcoming online event?
Or maybe you’re a Motivational Speaker with a 1 hour video of yourself speaking at a conference and you need to create a 2-3 minute demo video to submit to a meeting planner?  What should you do?  I’d say hire a Video Virtual Assistant.

What is a Video Virtual Assistant?

By now you are most likely familiar with the term Virtual Assistant, right?
Well, a Video Virtual Assistant or Video VA is an independent contractor who provides multimedia services covering video marketing, digital media and video and audio editing.

Why Hire a Video Virtual Assistant?

1. Create videos to promote your products, services or company
2. Use existing footage of you to edit into a shorter more promotable piece
3. Upload and distribute your video through video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo,
4. Set up your YouTube account
5. Fixing any problems with your video
6. Optimize your videos for search engine distribution
7. Convert your PowerPoint presentations into effective marketing videos
8. Re-purpose your recorded webinar into several useful videos
9. Create Social Media Video Quotes
10. Teach you how to create videos on your own if you so desire

Did you know that 93% of markers used video for online marketing in 2013? eMarketer 2013
Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017. Cisco 2013
According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, with an increase of about 1%, YouTube took over the number four spot on the list commonly used social media platforms

What Can A Video Virtual Assistant Do For You?

A Video VA can help you create testimonial videos that feature your customers sharing their stories about how you helped them and that will drive awareness to your company.
A Video VA can help you develop videos that demonstrate your expertise, creating an effective way to attract customers.
A Video VA can take the raw footage from your speaking engagement and turn it into a conference overview or recap video. This video can summarize what your presentation was about, its key points and topics, but most of all showcase your abilities.

Where can I find a video virtual assistant?

Perform a Google search for the term “video virtual assistant” or contact me!
If you would like help creating high-quality videos to add to your overall marketing plan, schedule a time for a free consultation by clicking the link below. Get more video VA tips by subscribing to my channel. I love hearing from viewers so feel free to leave a comment below.

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As a Video Virtual Assistant Edie Clarke helps Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Real Estate Agents improve their online marketing presence through social media and video marketing services.

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