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12 Video Hosting Platforms You Should Not Ignore

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Stumped when it comes to choosing the best hosting platform for your training videos? Besides the headache of actually creating the program, are you clueless on where to host it? Thinking … Read More


It’s Time – Create A Video For Your Business Now!

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10 Steps to Create a Video like a Pro Are you ready to produce your first video for your business? Not sure exactly where to begin? This post will break … Read More

Introducing YouTube Cards Feature, an Evolution of Annotations

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Learn how to use the new YouTube CARDS feature! I’ve never been a huge fan of YouTube’s Annotations. Mainly because they were so distracting. Don’t get me wrong I did … Read More


Effectively Adding Background Music During Video Editing

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Video editing is the most important part of your video production, because it is here that you really get to convey your message. View image | The background music … Read More


YouTube Marketing – Will It Take Your Brand to A Higher Level?

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Will YouTube Take Your Brand to A Higher Level? Online video is dominating the internet and businesses are working hard to keep abreast with the trend to promote their brands. YouTube … Read More

Ultimate Guide to Promoting Yourself as an Author or Public Speaker

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The ultimate guide to promoting yourself as an author or public speaker #494774883 / As an author or public speaker, it can be incredibly challenging to promote your own … Read More

Welcome to the Digital Age

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Have you truly capitalized on today’s opportunities for small business promotion? #493602229 / If you have been in business for a while, you may have lived through the first … Read More

Four Tips For Video Sharing On Social Media

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One way to boost video marketing efforts is through social video sharing. Get a few people interested in your Facebook link, and a few days later, your video could experience hundreds … Read More

Video Marketing Statistics Are Essential For Your Success

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Must-read video marketing statistics #174410103 / According to a 2013 study by ReelSEO, 93% of marketers used video in online campaigns. If you aren’t using video marketing, then you’re … Read More

You Will Thank Us – 10 Video Marketing Tools You Need To Know

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10 Video Marketing Tools You Need To Know About   1.Simple Video Press         Simple Video Press is a WordPress plug-in that syncs with your YouTube … Read More