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Mobile Marketing Statistics and Predictions for 2014

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Statistics about Mobile Marketing for 2014 92 Percent Of Mobile Video Viewers Share Videos With Others. (Invodo) Average YouTube Mobile Views Per Day – 1 Billion (Craig Smith) Online Video Now … Read More


Client Testimonials:Real or Make Believe

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The importance of client testimonials on your website Many business owners often overlook the value of client testimonials. They can either build or make a sale. Testimonials are third party … Read More


And The Video Survey Winner Is……

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I would like to take this time to thank all who participated in my Sparkologee Video Survey last month. Your comments were very helpful and I appreciated your interested in … Read More

Do You Use Video Testimonials?

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Why use Video Testimonials? As the information age continues to proliferate, so does the far reaching impact on marketing and commerce. While the benefits conferred upon both business and consumers … Read More