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Welcome to the Digital Age

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Have you truly capitalized on today’s opportunities for small business promotion? #493602229 / If you have been in business for a while, you may have lived through the first … Read More


Micro Videos = Big Marketing

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How Micro Videos can have a Big Impact on Your Marketing. Vine, Instagram and Tout have quickly made their way onto the social media marketing scene. During this emergence of … Read More

How to send video emails using_)YouTube

You’ve Got YouTube Video EMail

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Open rates can double if you include video as a part of your email marketing campaign, but in order for it to be effective the video should be built into … Read More

5 Ways You Can Use Videos To Help Your Small Business

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TRANSCRIPT Today’s Video VA tip is for small businesses and how you can use videos to promote themselves, their products or services….stay tuned Hi this is Edie from Virtually In … Read More


Social Media + Video = Social Video

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What is Social Video? Since it’s launch in 2005, YouTube has allowed anyone with access to a video camera and a PC to upload their videos to the world wide … Read More

What You Must Include In Your 2013 Digital Marketing Plan

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Digital marketing is a type of advertising that’s ever changing and adjusting your campaign accordingly is important for ensuring success. With the beginning of the New Year at hand, it’s … Read More