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6 Types of Videos That Work Best for Online Video Marketing Campaigns

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Are You Using Online Video Effectively to Market Your Business? The average Internet user watches approximately 203 videos a month, according to a study done by comScore. This includes everything … Read More

Video: How to Create a Custom Thumbnail for YouTube Video

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Creating a custom thumbnail for YouTube videos is both, easy and convenient. Recently, an associate contacted me frantic because she had recently uploaded some videos to her client’s YouTube channel … Read More

Don’t Parody Another Video in Your Video Book Trailer

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It may not be a great idea to parody another video in your video book trailer.  Although it’s very important to be creative when conceptualizing your video book trailer, I … Read More

How to Promote Your Book Using a Video Book Trailer

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 You’ve written your book, now what? Well, now you need to promote your labor of love with a video book trailer. But, how to you do that? Tweet   There … Read More

Myths About Using Video To Market Your Business

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Why Video Is Important

Why Video?

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See why adding video to your marketing campaign is vital to growing your business and increasing your client base.

xtranormal animated videos by virtuallyinsync

Animated Videos For Business with Xtranormal

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Interested in using animated videos for your business? I recently checked out another animation website that allows you to create your own mini animated videos.  This one is called … Read More

What is a Screencast

Why Using Screencasts Work!

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Screencasts are the easiest and most effective way to create a marketing video for your website.  You can use them to promote your services, show your potential clients how to … Read More

Fun way to animate your videos

A Fun New Way To Promote Your Business With Video

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Virtually In Sync goes GoAnimate in an effort to show how to promote your business with [animated] video

motion graphics bumper

What Are Video Intros and Why Do I Need One?

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Firstly, if you think you have no idea what video intros are, think again.  You see one every time you watch a movie or television program, whether it be news … Read More