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Ultimate Guide to Promoting Yourself as an Author or Public Speaker

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The ultimate guide to promoting yourself as an author or public speaker #494774883 / As an author or public speaker, it can be incredibly challenging to promote your own … Read More


Authors, Are You Using These 7 Book Marketing Tips To Sell Your Book?

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Authors, You Should Use These Tips To Help Market Your New Book. As a writer, the process of writing your novel can feel like the most difficult and stressful period, … Read More

How To Use Videos To Market Authors And Their Books

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5 Tips for Using Videos to Promote Authors and Their Books In this week’s video post I outline 5 tips that can help authors promote themselves and their books using … Read More

How to prevent copyright issues with your book video trailers

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Are You Committing a Crime With Your Book Video Trailer?  A few months back on a discussion thread I read concerning copyright infringement and book trailers. The discussion centered on … Read More


How Can An Author Tour the World Without Leaving Their Desk?

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The internet has, and continues to, open up new opportunities and possibilities for promotion in the book world.  With the explosion in not just self-publishing, but also Kindle and e-books, … Read More

Don’t Parody Another Video in Your Video Book Trailer

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It may not be a great idea to parody another video in your video book trailer.  Although it’s very important to be creative when conceptualizing your video book trailer, I … Read More

Will a Video Book Trailer Make My Book a Bestseller?

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The answer to this question for many may be, no, but I think they’re looking at the question in the wrong way.  One should never produce a video book trailer … Read More

Are You Committing a Crime With Your Book Video Trailer?

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Are you committing a crime every time you create a book video trailer? Recently I read a discussion thread concerning copyright infringement and book video trailers. The discussion centered on … Read More

How to Promote Your Book Using a Video Book Trailer

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 You’ve written your book, now what? Well, now you need to promote your labor of love with a video book trailer. But, how to you do that? Tweet   There … Read More

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VirtuallyInSync reviews Book Trailers like

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I’ve recently conducted extensive research looking at websites for my Author clients for ways to promote the video book trailers I am producing for them. One company I found is … Read More