Using Landing Page Videos for your Website

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Landing page videos are becoming more and more powerful all of the time when it comes to conversions being made, and web users are spending increasing amounts of time enjoying … Read More


How Can An Author Tour the World Without Leaving Their Desk?

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The internet has, and continues to, open up new opportunities and possibilities for promotion in the book world.  With the explosion in not just self-publishing, but also Kindle and e-books, … Read More


The Importance of Videos as Part of Your Marketing Plan

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According to a survey, the number of online video customers will increase by 2015. As video usage is growing, business entrepreneurs should not neglect video marketing as it is one … Read More

What You Must Include In Your 2013 Digital Marketing Plan

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Digital marketing is a type of advertising that’s ever changing and adjusting your campaign accordingly is important for ensuring success. With the beginning of the New Year at hand, it’s … Read More