Are You A New Virtual Assistant (VA)?

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Are you a new VA interested in learning how to get clients and make more money?
Well, in this video, I’ll share with you how I got started and got clients. Stay tuned!
Hi this is Edie with virtually in sync and the video va blog. In this video I’ll explain how
I became a video virtual assistant and the mistakes I made along the way.
In 2011, I started my Va career as an general virtual assistant and after 6 months of no
clients and no money I knew something had to change.
One day I was introduced to virtual assistant trainer and coach, Kathy Goughenour of expert
va training dot com and my VA career took a 180 degree turn.
I signed up for her Expert VA Training course and never looked back.
I learned everything from how to pick the name of my business to what was my best niche, what market I would service to how best to market my services through social media.
In addition to the training, Kathy provided weekly coaching calls that made me feel safe and
confident in my abilities.
When I finished the course I was able to join her mastermind group that met twice a month.  
The support and the camaraderie helped to build my business through networking and referrals.
Hiring ExpertVaTraining and Kathy Goughenour was the best decision I ever made for my VA business.
Well there you have it that’s how I became a video virtual assistant.
If you’re a new VA or struggling to find clients. and you’re not really sure what to do,  
I highly recommend that you check out by clicking the link below.
So if you’re struggling with starting your business, getting paid what you’re worth or getting a steady stream of clients you need a coach like Kathy Goughenour.
To learn more simply click the link below this video or visit “”
Affiliate Disclosure:
I love bringing you content free of charge. In order to do this, sometimes when you click links and purchase items, I will receive a referral commission. You WILL NOT pay more through my links. This is just a way to educate and inform my viewers about the products and
services I have tried and enjoy.

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About TheVideoVA

As a Video Virtual Assistant Edie Clarke helps Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Real Estate Agents improve their online marketing presence through social media and video marketing services.

3 Responses to Are You A New Virtual Assistant (VA)?

  1. Virtually INSync says:

    NEW VIDEO: Are You a New VA Interested in Learning How to Get Clients and Make More Money?

  2. Kathy Goughenour says:

    Edie, Thank you so much for this amazing testimonial about my Expert VA Training program. I am honored. As you know, Edie, I’m passionate about helping women create the virtual assistant business of their dreams and be able to work from home making as much money as they want.