6 Strategies You Can Use to Create YouTube Videos

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Today’s Video VA tip is on 6 strategies you can use to create YouTube videos using best practices.

YouTube VideosHi this is Edie Clarke of Virtually In Sync and The Video VA Blog.  Today I will share with you 6 strategies you can use to create YouTube videos for your business that meets industry wide best practices.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Keep It Short and Simple. Here are some recent stats pertaining to attention span that you should consider before creating a YouTube video. According to an Associated Press study in 2012, the average attention span of a viewer was 8 seconds which by the way was less than that of a goldfish. Also of note is that the average length of time spent watching a single YouTube video was 2 minutes 7 seconds.  This fact changes however, if the content is compelling or features a celebrity.

It’s vital to capture your viewers attention early because studies have shown that people decide within the first few seconds whether or not they will continue to watch. Give them a reason to keep watching. You never want to overload the viewer with a lot of facts and figures or information that is not useful to them. You just need to pique their interest. Tease them with a couple things and make those things memorable.

How is what you are selling going to help the viewer. You need to make sure the viewer is interested in your message. To do this you must either leave them informed, inspired, or entertained if not all at the same time.Your best best is to fill your message with humor. Be careful, because this can be difficult. Produce content that you know is sharable and worthy of sharing. Make it original, relevant, visual,subtle and short.

Ask yourself: “What do I want the viewer to do?” Do you want them to share the video, comment on it, purchase something, contact you for a free giveaway? You need to motivate your viewers to react. Do you use other best practices when creating your YouTube videos?

Please comment below with ideas for best practices that have worked for you. If you would like to see more videos on how you can add videos to your online marketing plan, subscribe to my channel below.

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