Monthly Archives: May 2014

How To Share a Private YouTube Video

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Coaches and Trainers: Are You Using These Social Media Tips?

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Social media tips for coaches and trainers There are a lot of great ways that social media has changed how we connect with our merchants, as well as those that … Read More

Fall In Love With Adobe Voice

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Earlier this month Adobe debuted a video storytelling app called Adobe Voice. What I first fell in love with was the ability to quickly create a visual story on my iPad … Read More

How to Add a Branding Intro to Your YouTube Channel

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[svp][/svp] Just recently, YouTube has introduced a new feature called Branding Intros. Do you know what they are or how to use them? What are branding intros and do I … Read More


How To Use Instagram For Business

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Are you using Instagram in your business? Do you want to enhance your customer experience with images and short videos? Getting started on Instagram for business may just be what … Read More