What You Must Include In Your 2013 Digital Marketing Plan

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Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Digital marketing is a type of advertising that’s ever changing and adjusting your campaign accordingly is important for ensuring success. With the beginning of the New Year at hand, it’s a good time to focus on your strategy and come up with your digital marketing campaign. Here are some things that you must include in your plan.


While in the past, video content may have merely been a nice addition to certain pages on your website, it’s now more important than ever. This is mainly because of the way in which video can enhance the overall user experience and the fact that it makes it easier to connect with your audience. Search engines also tend to like videos; they can help you with your SEO efforts as well. Although there is no need to go overboard and have video content on every page of your site, a handful of well-placed videos can be highly advantageous. This especially true if you’re trying to explain how a particular product or service works and want to give visitors a first-hand look. In fact, having video content can often help you improve your conversion rate in many cases.


Along with video, animation can be helpful and should be incorporated into your 2013 marketing plan. For instance, an app developer might create a brief animation to show exactly how the app works and what users can expect if they buy it. This strategy tends to work well because it’s often a fun and lighthearted way to get a message across by using cartoon characters. Due to the success that companies like Spotify and GE have seen with animation, it would serve you well to experiment with it as well.


It’s no big secret that search engine marketing is big business. Due to the fact that millions of people use search engines every day for almost all aspects of life, this strategy isn’t likely to go out of style any time soon. For this reason, you should take the time to engage in an SEO campaign by back linking and performing on-site optimization. Doing so should help drive targeted, organic traffic to your website which often leads to a significant conversion rate.


Additionally, social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can greatly increase your online presence. By creating accounts on some popular sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can effectively build your brand and distinguish yourself from the competition. Many times, this can even help you establish a loyal following of customers or clients who will stick with you for years to come.

To conclude, 2013 can be a great year for digital marketing when utilizing the right techniques. Since people tend to soak up information visually, using video and animation can help you appeal to your demographic. While search engine marketing and social media are already effective, they appear to be on the rise and should continue to be integrated into your campaign.


Sally writes for TIGERX the 3D Visualisation specialists. For powerful, dynamic & effective Offshore Animation solutions visit TIGERX.com

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